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We control the quality from raw material to finished products completely according to ISO 9001-2008 standard.The control of production and monitoring points:

1.Pig Iron: The raw material supplier must pass the ISO9001 quality certification,each batch of pig iron will be inspected to meet below requirments:

2.Metallographical Inspection:
The final pouring castings of each ladlepot will be analysed by Metallographical inspection.

3.Compostion Inspection:
liquid iron of each ladlepot will be analysed by Carbon and sulfur analyzer, the component content of five components will be test everyday at the lab.

Compostion Inspection

4.Mechanical Property Inspection:
will be tested every day with Test Bar.

Tensile Strength Test

5.Roughcast Inspection:
Take any 4 samples In Production to test for each size.

Tensile Strength Test

6.Semi-Finished Products Inspection:
First and Final Article Inspection and cross-examination will be carried out.

Semi-Finished Products Inspection

7.Finished Goods Inspection:
It will be carried out by workshop and Quality Dept. ,such as ppearance, coating thickness, Adhesion.

Finished Goods Inspection

8.Pressure Inspection:
Manhole covers will be random 3 PCS tested for pressure as per EN124 requirements

Loading Test

9.Hot metal analyzer:
Analyzes the C and Si of liquid iron and controls every material component.Improve the product quality and largly shorten the delivery time.

Hot Metal Analyzer

The Certificates
* All cast iron products are manufactured to meet the requirements of BSEN124:1994 and are third party certified by SGS or BSI Kitemark,
* All the products are manufactured within the ISO9001 series.