CZ-3104  cast iron water meter box

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CZ-3104 cast iron water meter box


1.Suitable for the place according to the customer requirements.     
2. Finish: - Coating will be black bituminous paint,or as customer requirements.
3. Marking: - It will be casted as required.
4. Manufactured to BS EN-124-94.        
5. Closed keyholes.
6. Frame/Cover design may vary as per size.
7. Material: - ISO 1083-500/7.   
8.Options: - Locking and lifting keys.  
9.We can designed and manufactured as customer requirements.             
10.Anti-theft: Cover and base frame integrate connection.
11.Load-bearing great: The toughness of ductile iron is fourfold that of ordinary cast iron, close to steel materials, suitable for all kinds of road use!
12.Corrosion resistent: Sewer internal environment complex, filled with various chemical substances, ductile iron does not suffer chemical corrosion, service life more than 30 years.
13.Opens conveniently: Light weight, single unarmed can be open, convenient downhole maintenance!