CZ-2101 composite manhole cover

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CZ-2101 composite manhole cover


1.Nice appearance
Composite resin color covers are present in the material inside is not a simple diagram on the surface, the color persistence

2. High strength
Its strength is ten times as rigid PVC, much higher than the absolute strength of aluminum to achieve the level of ordinary steel; 

3. Corrosion-resistant 
It stainless, no mold, no rot, no paint, the ability of many gas, corrosive liquid medium; 
4.Fatigue resistance
Composite covers have some flexibility, which makes the people who work in the above long-term comfort, as a work platform, reducing the staff of the legs and back tension, increase the comfort of working to improve efficiency, human engineering scientists have been recommended; 

5.The overall economic good
With more than ordinary carbon steel, composite material covers integrated, low cost, although its one-time investment than ordinary carbon steel, because of its long life, and can be used two decades, and no maintenance, thus The overall economic efficiency is much better than using carbon steel; 

6.Easy installation   
The covers makes use of composite materials greatly reduce the weight of components, thus reducing the weight of the support structure, installation does not require use of lifting equipment, which saves and convenient. 

7.Safety and security
Covers the installation and use of composite materials, the process will not crash and have a spark, especially for use in explosive environments, in addition, the covers with non-slip surface to prevent sliding down to reduce accidents.